Hermes Birkin 30 Gris Color Ostrich Leather GHW, Stamp W, with Keys, Lock _ DustCover

SKU: HT-0314-HER


Brand: Hermes
Model: Birkin 30 
Color: Gris Color
Size: 22cm H x 30cm W x 16cm D
Material: Ostrich Leather

Hermes Birkin 30 features in Gris Color and designed in the hand in a unique way by the same craftsman who affixes it his signature. Elegant and practical, we identify it with the flared shape, the two dotted leather parts together, the flap and the two stiff handles. It’ is available in about many colors and variant of materials, some smooth leather in the deer, including the crocodile, the velvet, the ostrich, Its shape is reinvented by numerous creators who are inspired by it. 

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