Hermes Bolide 31cm Fauve Barenia Color with Keys, Lock, Strap & Dust Cover

SKU: MDG-1288-HER (U)

Brand: Hermes
Model: Bolide
Color: Fauve Barenia
Measurement:  12.25”W x 9.5”H x 5”D
The Hermès Bolide Bag is the first handbag to ever use a zipper closure and the model of the Bolide bag dates back from 1923. This beautiful Bolide is crafted from a high quality canvas accompanying with rare barenia leather exterior and gold hardware accents. It is in good condition, the canvas have use marks and the leather starts to patina into a darker brown color. Includes removable leather shoulder strap, dustcover, keys and lock. It is a stunning bag for everyday use.

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