LV M44990 Multi-pochette Accessories Blue Denim

SKU: AHC-4918-LV

Brand: Louis Vuitton 
Model: Multi Pochette Accessories
Color: Blue

Pochette Accessories - W23.5 x H12.7 x D4.4cm
Mini Pochette Accessories - W14 x H8.9 x D2cm
Round Zip Coin Purse - W8.9 x H8.9 x D2 cm
Material: Denim 

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories is the bag you would probably think will be providing you the best bank for your buck as it is 3 in 1 sets but you can also wear each individually. It features a blue denim patchwork printed, gold hardware and red canvas strap. The coin purse will have a red coated canvas interior while the other will have a denim interior. The Pochette is in very good condition, there are little to no signs of wear, comes with original box, dustcover and tags.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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