Louis Vuitton Blue EPI Leather Pouch

SKU: HT-0109-LV (U)


Brand: Louis Vuitton 
Model: Pouch
Color: Blue 
Size: W19 x H12 x D6 cm
MaterialEpi Leather

Louis Vuitton Blue EPI Leather Pouch, no Dust Cover & Box

Louis Vuitton Blue Pouch is a perfect for travel or everyday, the Cosmetic Pouch is as sophisticated as ever in refined Epi leather. It features a beautiful dark blue Epi leather on the exterior and a richer blue soft leather on the interior. This pouch is in decent condition, there are scratches on the Epi leather but due to the nature of the leather, it does not effect the durability and lifespan of the pouch. There are also minor scratches on the zipper. Does not comes with dust cover & box.

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