Hermes Plitplat 33cm Ultraviolet Color

SKU: HT-0203-HER


Brand: Hermes 
Model: Pliplat
Color: Ultraviolet Color
Size: H20cm x W33cm x D2.5cm

Hermes Plitplat 33cm Ultraviolet Color with DustCover

As with all their iconic bags Hermès sets the standard with this Sac à Dépêches. Its minimal design - the briefcase consists solely of 2 large compartments - reinforces the bag's classic character. The wide grained leather is a bit slouchy giving this professional looking briefcase a nonchalant appearance and more personality. This beautiful ultraviolet give this clutch a unique touch that can be easily stands out from any other clutch. It is in good condition, comes with original dustcover.

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