Hermes Kelly 32cm Blue Orage

SKU: HT-0406-HER


Brand: Hermes 
Model: Kelly
Color: Blue Orage
Size: H23cm x W32cm x D12cm
Material: Togo leather

Hermes Kelly 32cm Blue Orage with Keys, Lock & DustCover

Hermes Kelly is a beautifully structured bag which exudes an aura of grace.
Regardless of the angle, it is impeccable and iconic structure, thus making it one of the most coveted and sought-after bags ever. This unique color, Blue Orage is from the S/S 13 collections, which translates to "storm" in French. It is a blend of blue and grey expresses the tension from the start of the storm till it dies away, giving you the illusion as if you were present at the scene.

It is crafted from Togo leather which naturally possesses a texture that is neither too hard nor too soft, making it one of the most popular leather. Savor the smooth and fine texture of the Hermes leather and discover how this grainy leather is also a hardy material as it is resilient to scratches and dirt even when used daily. This bag is in good condition, there are some signs of age on the hardware but the exterior look good as new. Comes with original keys, locks and dustcover.

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