Christian Dior Diorever Bag Marron Leather

SKU: MDG-1387-CD


Brand: Christian Dior 
Model: Diorever 
Color: Marron 
Size: 30 x 23 x 16 cm
Material: Leather 

Christian Dior Diorever Bag Marron Leather Gold Hardware W30m with Strap, Card, DustCover & Box

Christian Dior Diorever Bag Marron Leather bag is available in several options in different patterns and leathers. This Diorever bag in particular is crafted from a soft leather in maroon, gold hardware and a leather interior lining. The bag is in good condition, there is some wear signs, some of the hardware are protected by protective sticker on emblem and a plastic cover for the bottom leg. Comes with original dustcover, strap, card and box.

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