Hermès Symbol Guide


Not only Hermès is ranked as top tier among its competitors in the luxury brands industry, Hermès is also known to be secretive! That is somewhat true except that Hermès is actually transparent when it comes to understanding their products.  Source of exotic skins used by the brand can be known by studying the symbol located next to the brand printing on the product. There are also other symbols which holds different meaning for both the consumers and the craftsman! 




Alligator Mississippiensis (☐)
 Crocodile Porosus (^)


Crocodile Niloticus (··)  Varanus Niloticus Lizard (-)
 Varanus Salvator Lizard (=)





- Displayed on custom made Hermès

 Shooting Star 

- For Hermès craftsman personal use 


 Employee Stamp 

- Debossed S to indicate an item that has been purchased at a discounted employee rate