Introduction to Chanel’s Small Leather Goods

With Chanel introduce new model of small leather goods almost every season, it could be overwhelming for newcomer to decide on the suitable options for them. This is a guide introducing the different type of Chanel Small Leather Goods.

Wallet on Chain

Chanel Wallet-on-Chain, also known as Chanel WOC was first introduced in 1997 and immediately became fan’s favourite amongst the public. It embodies the idea of effortless yet sophisticated, perfect for individuals who likes the hands-free ease of a belt bag with the lightness of merely carrying a wallet.

Chanel WOC is probably the most compact yet efficient accessories, with features such as card slots, multiple zipped pockets as well as an open compartment, it is accommodable the day-to-day carry essentials. The most notable feature of a Chanel WOC is the 24-inch strap attached to it, it creates versatility with multiple ways of wearing it. For instance, it can be worn as a crossbody, a shoulder bag or even as a clutch or wallet with the strap tucked in.

Represented as one of the best-selling items by the House, it is no surprise that the Chanel WOC is offered nearly every season and in various range of styles and attractive designs due to its all-time high demand and desirability. There are a few model that stood up for the test of time like the Half Moon, 2.55 Reissue, Le Boy and Trend CC. Though it being a timeless classic model, Chanel made a few twist and subtle improvement like switch out the snap button closure and replace it with a magnetic closure, experimenting with different material like canvas, suede and so on.

The Chanel WOC celebrates the simplicity in design while keeping up with the House’s practical yet beautiful legacy. Hence, the Chanel WOC still remained as the top tier accessories in the fashion industry since its’ release! Check out our Chanel WOC here!


Clutch With Chain

With the succession of Wallet-On-Chain, Chanel tried to replicate the magic by introducing Clutch with Chain. Introduced back in 2016, it was made clear that it would become part of the permanent collection such as the WOC collection.

The initial releases of the Chanel Clutch with Chain was packed with characteristics similar to the iconic Chanel Classic Flap. Featuring beautiful components such as the smooth CC logo, caviar leather with diamond quilting and a leather with chain strap. One of the key differences as compared to WOC is that the Clutch with Chain is made with curvy edges and has a longer exterior and is more rectangular in shape.

Not only that, the other significant differences were the interior of it, WOC tends to be more structured and organized with multiple pockets whereas the Chanel Clutch with Chain is separated into three compartments with two zips. A small accessories, yet it is big enough to store daily essentials. Check out more on our Chanel Clutch with Chain here!


Belt bags

Formerly known as fanny packs, belt bags have a rich history dating back to approximately 5000 years ago. Fanny packs perhaps, could be known as the oldest fashion trend in the world. As a part of the tremendous wardrobe of Ötzi, also known as the Iceman, whose mummified bod was found preserved in a glacier and was discovered in the Ötzal Alps located in between of Germany and Austria.

Ötzi, the iceman was found to be wearing clothing made up of various animal species and trees. A leather satchel that had a sharpened piece of bone and some flint-stone tools was found alongside with him. The simple leather belt with a pouch made up of calf leather, otherwise known as a primitive fanny pack started a fashion trend that later went through a history of ups and downs. Little did people know that this fashion trend would then be one of the leading fashion style landing on runways hosted by big fashion houses all over the world.

As for Chanel, the House’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld created fanny packs in the house’s signature quilted black lambskin for fall 1994. With other designer labels from all over the world joining in the hype for the belt bags, an alternative moniker for the fanny packs, the fashion remains in trend up till today.

Over the years, Chanel has come up with various belt bag designs. One significant design to take note is the Chanel Classic Belt Bag that was first introduced in November 2020. The second version of Chanel Classic Belt Bag was introduced in Spring Summer 2021 Collection with slight difference at first sight but they’re all in the details! Compare the two versions here!

Other small leather goods

Besides the iconic design mentioned above, Chanel have introduced plenty of accessories that the public gravitates towards to. For instance, the most recent releases from Spring- Summer 2022 Collection, the heart zipped arm coin purse comes in two colours, purple and black. In such a mini size and perfect in these two colours with light gold tone hardware, this Chanel Heart Zipped Arm Coin Purse fits adorably on your wrist and is the perfect punch to complete any outfit for the day or evening!

Next, we have the Vanity Case on the list, this bag resembles cuteness and is perfect for a casual date or even an evening function. Crafted in shiny lambskin and gold- tone metal black, this vanity case is not only cute but elegant. Aside from being a bag, this vanity case can function as a makeup bag as well. This bag opens up to a mirror attached to the top of the bag, now you can be sure that you’re always in your A+ look!

Another gorgeous unique design is the Chanel Phone & Airpod Case with Chain, a beautiful yet practical design. A concept of 2 in 1 package design, you can safely store your phone in the Chanel iPhone case and your Airpod in the case chained to the bag. Crafted in grained calfskin, the case is diamond quilted which makes it a solid and durable leather.

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