1. Are we eligible for refund after purchasing?
We will only provide 100% refunds if the product that you received is not as described. If product received is as shown in the photo, buyer will assume to understand the condition of the products hence no refund are available


2. What If The Colour That I Want Is Not In The Website?
Don’t fret! Please let us know if your desired colour or combination is not in the website.


3. How do you ensure that the product I purchase will be authentic?
We have been in this second-hand luxury industry for 18 years and we have our team of experts to check and verify each individual product that we list in the store. We can guarantee you that every product that we sell are 100% authentic.


4. Can I cancel the order once I have placed my order?
Order cannot be canceled once payment is received so considered carefully before making the purchase.


5. What type of payment method that you accept?
We accept PayPal, debit or credit card and FPX via iPay88.


6. Is the payment system safe and secured?
Yes, our payment system are secured by certified security technology.


7. Is the price negotiable?
No, all the price that we set are fixed.


8. How to contact your customer services?
You may contact us on +6 012-508 1877 or email hello@mdgwonder.com