Tips for Buying Hermes Birkin or Kelly for the First Time!


Handbags means the world to a woman as its function is not only for them to put your essentials, but it also plays an integral part in completing their looks. When it comes to Hermes Birkin or Kelly, the obsession with the sheer quality, craftsmanship, and status is just limitless. Owning an authentic Hermes Kelly or Birkin bag for a woman is equivalent to owning a sports car for men. It is a dream for any woman who likes trendy products to own these bags. From Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga, NeNe Leakes, and Victoria Beckham, very few exclusive celebrities get to enjoy these staples in cultures worldwide.

Should You Purchase a Hermes Birkin or Kelly?

Everyone loves things that are rare and unique, purchasing these is no small matter in the case of these beautifully crafted bags. Hermes Birkin and Kelly are elusive as they are exclusive in both availability and price. These handbags have remained as one of the most coveted items for more than 20 years. It is known as an elite brand globally, and money is not the only thing that you need to obtain a Hermes Kelly or Birkin bag.

Luck and knowing the right person play a vital role in acquiring this product. Patience will also play as a key factor in purchasing Hermes Birkin or Kelly, so you be patient and wait for the right opportunity. Due to the exclusivity of this product, it has created a unique purchase experience as it’s not the typical process of paying and receiving product.

There are two options for you if you decide to purchase an authentic Hermes Birkin or Kelly:

  1. Purchasing it in an auction house, this option will be riskier as you will have to pay a premium.
  2. Purchasing it in a reliable consignment store, where you can purchase either new and pre-launched authentic Hermes bags for an already set price.

Why Buying a Pre-Launched Bag Is a Better Option?

You cannot say there are no new Birkins and Kellys are available or listed on consignment websites for sale. The Hermes bags are considered as a profitable investment, and it has maintained an unmatchable reputation in the market. Many sellers get new Hermes bags with the primary intention of selling them. These products are listed in pristine condition at auction or on the secondary market and are the equivalent to acquiring a brand new bag directly from Hermes.

Tips for Buying an Authentic Hermes Bag:

After getting the main idea on getting your first Hermes bag, you will need to ensure that the bag is authentic and valuable! To get a high-quality handbag that suits your wardrobe, here are few tips for you to follow before purchase:

Handbags Skin/leather Matters a Lot!

Understanding the type of leather when purchasing a Hermes bag is vital as different variation of leather will have its own keeping needs, distinctive characteristics, and varying care levels. For instance, leather types like Clemence and Togo are textured to shield them from scratching and overall wear and tear. High maintenance and care are required for exotic skins such as ostrich, crocodile, snake and lizard but they are more visually appealing.

Keep an Eye on the Overall Condition!

When purchasing a Hermes bag, many females will look into the secondary market, but the bag's appearance and overall condition represents as the most significant factor. Pre-loved Hermes bags are graded based on general wear and tear, leather, bruises, skin conditions, and other variables. These handbags are categorized as fair, reasonable, very fine, outstanding, or pristine.


Many Hermes Birkin and Kelly lovers prefer to play it safe for the first time and look for colors that complement their wardrobe, such as black, beige, gold, or brown. There is a wide range of colors available and colors that are exclusive and unique to Hermes which represents a significant characteristic that make Hermes handbags distinctive. Of course, purchasing a black Birkin or Kelly for your closet might seems easy, but a bright yellow or deep blue bag would stand out more and is less likely to be seen anywhere else.

Less Is Good, but Not Always!

Never settle for less!

For first-time Hermes Kelly or Birkin buyers, a typical issue that they faced is that they wanted the bag so desperately that they fall for the first one they see in their price range. If you settle for less, the pleasure of holding the first Birkin or Kelly will significantly reduced.

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