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Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly known as Louis Vuitton or shortened to LV, is a French fashion house and luxury goods company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. This status also means that they are the most replicated fashion brand in the world. With technology advancing, this means that the replica industry is strengthening as well, study has shows that the imitated lv Monogram pattern is 95% identical to the originally print and it can hardly be observed through the naked eyes.

With that being said, purchasing an authentic Louis Vuitton bags is not that easy anymore, especially in the secondhand market.It is vital to know and trust who or where you are buying from. If you are looking to purchase a genuine Louis Vuitton bag and do not know where to start from, Attic House will be the perfect option for you where we offer 100% authentic product and many different varieties.

Here is what Attic House can provide you and why should you buy from us:

Guarantee of the Original Product:

Every product that Attic House sell is 100% authentic as we have a team of expert to authenticate each individual product that we sell. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about the authenticity of LV bags that we sells.

Best Value:

Attic House strives to provide the best value for our customers. Although the price of Vintage Louis Vuitton product is considered premium, the value of the product tends to retain which means that it is worth to purchase, and you can sell it on later. If you’re unsure, you can just ask us for advice on whichever LV product that has the best value retention!

Variety of Products:

Here at Attic House, one of our core competencies that we have is that the variety of products that we offer. Especially for brand like LV, we have iconic model like LV Speedy, LV Neverfull, LV sling bag to vintage LV model. The reasons that we want to provide such a variety is to help customer to make wiser purchase decision after going through all of the varieties that cater to their personality characteristics, needs and budgets.

Buy Online:

As time goes by, having an online platform represents as a vital aspect for businesses to continue their growth. Attic House has an established online platform, cater towards to consumers that prefer to shop online. By having an online platform, it has also helped us to gathered international customers. In our online platform, we also provide small benefits like getting discount by subscribing to our newsletter and so on.

So, come visit us either online or in-store to browse your favorite LV bag, and order it now to create a classy style statement. If you’re unsure what is the one you want to get, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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