Our story

Attic House is a platform that specializes in buying and selling of authentic luxury products, including categories such as bags, clothing and accessories. At Attic House, we tend to focus on high-end brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Each item that displays in our stores are handpicked and went through vigorous amounts of checking before it is featured in our physical and online store. Our goods are authenticated before being listed so be rest assured that all our items are the real deal with great prices.


Our founder & Core team

Our founder, Ms. Tina is among the very first to pioneer in the second-hand luxury goods in Malaysia. From the the start, her passion towards luxury fashion has helped her build a sustainable and profitable business that are able to fill her passion in the industry. As for our creative director Mr. Ong, he is responsible to  explore business opportunities and create new channel sales. His passion and knowledge has helped the business to expand exponentially. 

Attic House team is committed to only provide the best products to our customers. We choose to offer a wide variety of products, whether it's for an everyday use, a special occasion, or a gift to your special one, you will be able to find what you are looking for at Attic House.


Why us?

Our philosophy at Attic House is to provide a platform that will ease up the process of buying and selling second-hand luxury products.

If you are looking to sell your product, we have smoothen up the process for consignment. You wouldn't have to worry a thing, just drop off the product that you want to sell to our shop and we will manage the rest, from authenticating up to payment and shipping.

If you are looking to buy from us, everything that we have at our stores are something that we like and would personally own. Ranging from the general released products to the rarest bag that you can find. We would also ensure to provide a top-notch shopping experiences regardless if you are shopping at our shops or online store. 


Year Milestone
 Our first shop in Plaza Damas
Attic House Genting expo
 Held the largest Branded bag expo in Genting

As featured in Thestar.com

Attic House Scott Garden
 Open in Scott Garden, KL
 Open in Kuantan, Kuantan City mall
 Own our 3 storey office building for corporate expansion in Plaza Damas

Mandarin Oriental Hotel boutique


KLBF Kuala Lumpur Branded Fair

2023 Coming soon ....