Chanel Classic Flap (2063xxxx) Jumbo Dark Metallic Silver Perforated Lambskin with Card & Dust Cover

SKU: MDG-2246-CHA (U)


Brand: Chanel 
Model: Classic Flap (2063xxxx)
Color: Dark Metallic Grey
Size: Jumbo Size, 8 in x  3.5 in x 13.5 in
Material: Perforated Lambskin

Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo (2063xxxx) Dark Metallic Silver Perforated Lambskin with Card & Dust Cover

Chanel Jumbo Dark Metallic Silver Perforated Lambskin crafted of luxurious diamond quilted silvery gray metallic lambskin leather. The bag features polished silver chain link shoulder straps threaded with leather and a semi full frontal flap with polished silver Chanel CC turn lock closure. This opens to a matching metallic leather interior with pockets for all of your necessities with the classical style from Chanel. 

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