Hermes La Marche du Zambeze scarf 90

SKU: A-0299-HER

Brand: Hermes
Model: La Marche du Zambeze scarf 90
Color: Light blue, black & yellow
Measurement: W90cm x H90cm
Material: Silk

Hermes La Marche du Zambeze scarf 90  is an essentials accessory from Hermès that would complements any outfit. There are also a plethora of ways that you can wear it, namely around your neck, as a top, at the waist or even act it as a headscarf. The story behind the print of the scarf shows a majestic elephant emerges from the center of this scarf, symbolizing family and strength. Giraffes, crocodiles, a zebra and a leopard from the savannahs and swamps along the Zambezi River are gathered around it. Native flora combined with patterns evoking pythons and crocodiles border the composition. La Marche du Zambèze marks the beginning of a partnership between Hermès and Ardmore, a collective of Zulu, Zimbabwean and Sotho ceramic artists. Established in 1985 by Fée Halsted in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, it now comprises seventy artists whose signature style provides a fresh take on traditional art. This scarf is in pristine condition and comes with original box.

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