Ways to authenticate Hermes Birkin

There are a few different ways to identify the authenticity of a Hermes bags. In this example, we will be using the iconic Hermes Birkin for this demonstration.


First and foremost, sight will be one of the way to authenticate your Hermes bag. Due to the immensely quality and craftsmanship, your bag should not have any construction flaws like on the edge of the bag of the stitching on the bag. The key area that you should observe is the stitching, the bottom edge of the bag, the leather and the buckle.


Hermes is known for their uses of leather throughout the years so touching the leather will be one of the way of authenticating the product. Due to having a wide variation of leather, you should understand that each different leather will have different texture and softness. 


Hermes bags will have a distinct smell due to the material used. You can smell the bag even it is used. The newer the bag, the heavier the smell. 

UV Light

Through using UV light shine through the authentic Hermes box, there will be hidden logo all around the box. The opacity of the logo might depend from boxes to boxes.