Ways to authenticate Chanel Classic Flap

Chanel classic flap represents as the most iconic Chanel bag ever. With that being said, it has a lot of fakes in the market and it has replicated almost every part of the authentic bags. To the unexperienced, it is blind to the naked eyes. This article will help you identify the ways to authenticate your Chanel classic flap.


The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the texture of the leather. In Chanel classic flap, the most popular variation of leather is the Caviar leather and Lambskin leather. In Caviar leather, it has a obvious texture of pebbling and it will usually stiffer compared to the lambskin leather. On the other hand, lambskin leather is must more softer but it is more prone to damaging the leather.
Card verification
The authenticity card will also be one of the way to authenticate. Through using UV light, you can see the wording will be in different colour on the first or fourth line in the first paragraph.