Bags are made to last for eternity but it really boils down to the amount of effort that the users are willing to put in taking care of the bags. Bags that were looked after can last someone for a lifetime and even pass it down to the next generations! 

The common wear and tear area of a bag are usually on the bottom edges of the bags, the handles, the straps and most importantly, the hardware. Especially for Hermes bags, oxidation are one of the more common issues that Hermes owner faced. Hardware is also one of the determination in regard to the value of the bags. Oxidized and scratched hardware will heavily devalue the bags and there are no solutions in de-oxidation and remove scratches.

Legacy has provided a solutions which focuses on Hermes bags where it helps to prevent oxidation and scratches. It is not just any type of protective layers, it consisted of TPU film which it will last you for a long period of time so you don't need to worry about having to constantly change it.

Attic House represents as the exclusive dealer with Legacy. Not only that we are the only boutique that sells this product, we would also help you to install the product itself so you don't need to worry about the process of getting it done! Do not hesitate in contacting us through WhatsApp or our social media for more informations.


Here are the prices and the models that Legacy offers:


Features of Legacy 

Utility | Anti Discoloration
There are two types of TPU, Aliphatic and Aromatic, We employ an aliphatic TPU which will not yellow or degrade with outdoor exposure.

Security | 6 Layers
6 layers TPU is the best to keep its shape, to predict shrinkage for long-term storage and application the thickness of the TPU is taking into account.

Health | Hypoallergenic
A naturally derived rubber. It can cause allergies and skin irritation. TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane and it doesn’t have any rubber or latex agents.

Feature | Self-Healing
TPU is versatile polymer is soft and processable when heated, hard when cooled and capable of being reprocessed multiple times without losing structural integrity.

Durable | Impact Proof
Powerful components, designed to protect military helicopter blades, deliver unmatched impact and break protection.

Meticulous | Precision Cut
In order for the best for maximum coverage, we are required to produce all the protective films in high precision, there will be many wastage need to be covered

Your Bags, Protected
* Keeps your bag looks newer longer
* Protects against scratches, stains and collisions
* Durable and maintenance free
* Virtually invisible protection
* Features self-healing technology
* Professionally installed

Legacy™️ Installation Precaution Update

1. Explain well before LEGACY installation

2. Place the bag on the matt and cover its case back with Legacy microfiber cloth to prevent back case scratch, using plastic LEGACY tweezer and plastic loupe to prevent any further scratch on the hardware

3. Mention about the bags condition while cleaning, take photo if necessary

4. Bag Identification is important if the customer is leaving their bag overnight, camera is require for security purpose

5. Change a new LEGACY Sealant Pro special formulated solution always to avoid contamination

6. Wipe with NEW alcohol and LEGACY microfiber cloth

7. Dust off the particular area again for installation

8. The LEGACY brand logo on the tweezer always face up to indicate the direction of the film where adhesive side and none adhesive side

9. Before collecting the film make sure the linear base and the film is dust free and clean to avoid contamination defect during installation

10. Dip the tweezer with solution first before pick up the film to ease the installation, to lessen the stickiness in contact between the tweezer and film

11. Do not touch the adhesive part of the film, it will leave fingerprint

12. Must avoid bubble, crease, blistering and dust during installation, re-positioning of its alignment when it is still in wet conditions

13. Dip the entire film when start installation - Pulling technique is used for folding rounded profile area, Sliding technique is used for getting rid of bubble trapping, Gliding Technique is used for pushing the excessive water to make it stick

14. Appearance of watermark is acceptable and normal during installation process - Cold air is more effective in drying process

15. Along with drying process, the edges sealing procedure is very important to prevent future peeling

16. Do not store the bag straight after installation until it is fully dry at places with ventilation

17. If any application error, please take photo as proof for claim

18. Enjoy your LEGACY installation!