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Chanel is a French fashion house that focuses on women's high fashion and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods, and accessories. The company is owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturière Coco Chanel. 

Have you ever thought of owning handbags that are classy and elegant? Vintage Chanel will be your bet! All of the classic models that Chanel has to offer will brings out elegance and sophistication in your personality. Since there are so many models to choose from, I am sure that you might be confused about which model will be most suitable for you. Stick around and it might help you in finding a suitable bag for you.

Reasons for Choosing the Chanel Handbag:

There are reasons for choosing Chanelvintage:

Types of Chanel Classic Bag:

First and foremost, the options that Chanel provides. You can be in a night out, going out for a brunch, or even working out in the gym, Chanel still has the bags for that particular occasion. There are a few Chanel bags that people considered as classic, namely Chanel classic flap and Chanel Reissue 2.55 that come in different sizes. Not only bags, but there are also purses, clutch, and other options that satisfy your needs.

High-Quality Products:

One of the reasons that people invest in bags is that they last longer than any other fashion product and the quality is the main contributor to the longevity of a bag. Chanel is known for implementing the highest quality leather which is why you can still buy Chanel bags from the 50s or the 60s. Carrying a Chanel Diana or Chanel black caviarwill help you to feel classier and more sophisticated.

Multiple Color Choice:

Color is an especially important aspect for bags as everyone has their own favorite color. Different color of the same bag will bring off a different vibe to an outfit. For instance, bright and vibrant color will show a playful and happy side while neutral color will make the wearer feels warmth. For Chanel, color is one of the aspects they priorities as they want to satisfy customers’ need. Especially for vintage Chanel, everyone collection has a theme or color, shopping vintage will bring you the opportunity to shop different collection, hence different colors.

Best Value for Money:

Being a luxury brand, Chanel might seem expensive for a lot of people but one of the reasons that people buy them is that it will retain its value. For vintage Chanel, some products might even go up in value! As trend runs in a cycle, when the vintage suits the trend, the price would drive up due to demand. Rarity would also be the reason on the increase in value over time. If you are lucky, you might get a vintage Chanel bag for cheap and sell it for double or triple the price you paid!

Choose Whatever You Want to Do with Your Classic Chanel:

As mentioned before, people do not only buy it for use but also act as an investment. People tend to lean towards the classic model, such as Chanel classic flap bag, when purchasing Chanel as these models will more likely retain or go up in value. Why not be stylish and when you get bored of it, you can just sell it to get back the money you paid or even more!

Chanel Accessories:

You might not be looking for purchasing bags, that is totally fine as Chanel offers accessories too. Ranging from Chanel necklace, Chanel earrings, bracelets to brooches. It is a perfect complementary product to complete an outfit.

Buy Chanel Now!

With everything said and done, has this article helped you in understanding the aspect that you would need to consider when buying Chanel? If you are looking for Chanel products or even pre-owned Chanel products, be sure to check us out! Here at Attic House, we bring you the selection that you wouldn’t find at any other Chanel KL store!

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