Hermes Silk Twilly Black & White Polka Dot (1 pair)

SKU: H-136-HER MDG-693-HER


Brand: Hermes
Model: Polka Silk Twilly
Color: Black & White 
Size: 5 x 86 cm
Material: Silk

Hermes Silk Twilly Black & White Polka Dot

Hermes Polka Silk Twilly features black polka dot on white background. Crafted from the highest quality silk and made in France. It's loud element helps you to stand out your bags to stand hand especially for monochrome color. Not only for bags, you can also style it as a complementary to your outfit, you can wear it as a head scarf or belt. This Twilly in decent condition, there is one small stain on the body as shown in photos.

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